Welcome to BINTLCraft

Point your Minecraft client to minecraft.edaaws.com, or check out some of the rendered maps below.
If you want your graphics to look like something that was created this century, download these shaders and then read the installation instructions.

World List

Creative 2011

March 2011. The first world. Started when TPC literally had nothing better to do at work.


August 2013. I think Dimi created this one? 10/10 name.


January 2015. I blame Dimi for this one too.

Creative 2015

August 2015. Home of the infamous Birthing Simulator! Built by forummers while running on an Intel Atom box.

Survival 2015

August 2015. Because creative mode with lag over a 6.0Mbps DSL line just wasn't enough of a challenge.

Memeland 2016

July 2016. Created while someone was messing around with world creation commands, OOPS


August 2017. The last hoorah before the server died for literally two years.